“Alex did a phenomenal job, and I will be the first to say that I am a very tough critic. Please continue for the details.

For anyone that has been through this you know, once your house sits on the market for 6 months and your initial term with your realtor is up, you begin to get bombarded with phone calls, letters, and flyers from every agent in the city. They all make promises that for the next 6 months they will do exactly what your last broker didn’t. What I found from these calls, was that everyone sounded exactly the same. They all had their pitch for me ready to go, but they hadn’t spent one minute reviewing my house, understanding why it didn’t sell, or could give me any actionable plan of what they were actually going to do. They all just called hoping they could sell me with 0 effort. Except Alex.

When I spoke with Alex, she had a clear and concise plan laid out and ready to go. She had spent the time to review the property, and knew exactly what she was going to do differently. There were a few open questions and she did the research and quickly got back to me. Alex went above and beyond every step of the way and when we decided to move forward, it took her 1 day to have the house staged. She did the staging herself, and she did an amazing job. She was a great communicator during the entire process, and she hustled every step of the way. She did an amazing job, and was a pleasure to work with.

We tried to sell the house during one of the worst times of the year, and yet she still did an incredible job. She was fantastic to work with, and I could not recommend her any more highly. Alex is a hard worker and a great communicator. You’d be making a great decision to trust her with your home.”