Home Staging

Home staging is something that will not only help sell your home in a competitive market, but could also get you more money!

Top 3 Reasons To Stage Your Home

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Buyers are picky. Most people can’t visualize how an empty space will suit them. Staging the room for them can draw their attention away from nitpicking your house.
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Staging helps with procrastination. I will ask you to declutter and depersonalize your house. You have made the decision to sell your home. Lets take the next steps, store some boxes, and get it sold.
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Staging sets the mood. A well staged home will look inviting, comfortable, and simple. It elicits strong emotion from buyers: desire. Studies prove staged homes sell faster and for more money. See for yourself.

Why Work With Alexandra

  • No upfront costs. Staging can be pricy. When an agent suggests that you hire a third party, this is an upfront seller cost. We offer the best of both worlds: your expert agent and professional stager.
  • Not everyone has the education or talent and ability to stage a home. We have work experience in art and home design along with a creative eye for design and placement.
  • We have connections with experienced professionals of various trades. What things need to be done in your home before we put it on the market? Paint, plumbing, electrical work, deck repair, driveways, landscaping? You name it and we know the right person.
  • Whether vacant or lived in, we can stage your house to sell. Do the math. It always adds up.

Real estate is one of your most valuable assets. Let Alexandra help you get the most out of it.

Alexandra Schrank

Our Work

In this market, home staging must do more than just show where furniture goes, it needs to help the buyer feel connected to the house by harmonizing with and highlighting the best attributes of the home’s architecture. This means that we carefully select each piece of furniture and décor needed for your house so that it comes to life in a beautiful and appealing manner.
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