This Fall the 5Point Film Festival comes to Asheville, NC for it’s second annual showing in our adventurous little mountain town. Local event maestro and Asheville ambassador, Micah Pulleyn has recently joined the 5Point family in her new role as National Events Director and is working hard with her team to bring a new film staple to the heart of this Southeast creative hub.


Established in 2008, 5Point Film is on a mission to inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience, to engage passion with a conscience, and to educate through film. Creating various events, including an annual four-day film flagship festival in Carbondale, CO, regional Festivals in Asheville, NC, Bellingham, WA and Duluth, MN and several On the Road Series one-night events across the country, 5Point Film continues to deliver a unique film experience by drawing in passionate athletes, artists, filmmakers, films, and the community around short documentary films. 5Point supports emerging filmmakers and stories through the 5Point Film Fund, and organizes the Dream Project a student scholarship program for high school students. Visit for more information.

The 5Point Film Festival is built on five guiding principles: respect, commitment, humility, purpose and balance. We believe these same principles also form the foundation for individuals who lead lives of adventure and connect all of us who share an elemental passion to explore and expand our boundaries.


To inspire adventure of all kinds, connect generations through shared experience, engage passion with a conscious, and to educate through film.


5Point Film Festival harnesses the power of great stories in an intimate, memorable and moving experience. These stories are carefully curated each night into a 3-hour short adventure film “concert” sure to leave you breathless, on the edge of your seat and possibly in tears of joy. This is an intimate experience, in one venue, with everyone seeing the program at once. This is the moment that builds community.

Celebrating the outdoor lifestyle through film, art, music, and outdoor activity, 5Point Film Festival is like that first kiss. You won’t ever forget it, and it might just move you to make a positive shift in your life.

5Point Film Festival is not just a night of entertainment either. We bring these stories to life by showcasing area athletes, filmmakers, and bringing in guests from around the world. We create interactive activities all weekend long for attendees that are free and open to the public, and we celebrate the areas rich natural outdoor recreational resources and culture at each Festival.

Need a little more convincing? Check out the 5Point Film Festival trailer here.


  • Flagship Festival: Carbondale Colorado – End of April each year (April 21-24, 2016)
  • Southeast Festival: Asheville, NC – Fall (October 6-8, 2016) Ticket information here
  • Pacific Northwest Festival: Bellingham, WA – Fall (August 25-27, 2016)
  • Midwest Festival: Duluth, MN – Winter (Feb 2017)
  • Northeast Festival: TBD – 2018


5Point Film Festival On the Road Series is a single night of short inspiring adventure films, a taste of their 4-day Flagship event based in Colorado. The On the Road series brings the best of the festival and great stories around the country in one “concert like” atmosphere. Shows range from 10 -15 films and include films that will bring you to the edge of your seat, a tear to your eye, and leave you ready to define adventure for yourself.


Julie Kennedy, former owner of Climbing Magazine, and founder of the successful outdoor brand Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard established the 5Point Film Festival brand in the fall of 2007 to provide a gathering place for adventurous spirits, filmmakers and athletes — a place that fosters a community where individuals come together to share their common passions, and inspire those around them with purpose, balance, humility, commitment, and respect.

Now entering our 9th season as a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, 5Point has firmly established itself as the international leader in curating the best outdoor storytelling experience, and has gained a reputation as being ‘home’ for many of the top athletes, filmmakers, and adventurers around the world.


  • DREAM PROJECT: 5Point Film directly gives back to and inspires high school students through our Dream Project scholarship program. This program offers five outstanding students the chance to explore their personal boundaries and dreams. The winning students best exemplify 5Point Film’s five guiding principles and will receive a $1,500 scholarship to embark on a life-changing opportunity, give back to a community, and follow their passions.
  • FILM FUND: The 5Point Film Fund supports emerging filmmakers and thoughtful adventure stories through small monetary grants, mentorship, and a network of support. Over the last 5-years, 5Point has supported over 15 film projects, many of which have gone on to win awards, and tour in festivals and theaters all over the world. 5Point connects artists and filmmakers with opportunities to showcase their work, with Outdoor Industry funding, and to a network of creatives to form meaningful collaborations. We believe this kind of support is essential in finding, telling and sharing inspiring stories.


5Point Film Festival is the type of event that Asheville thrives on, envelopes into it’s warm canopy of unique personalities, and essentially lives for. Art, creation, outdoors, film….it doesn’t get much more Asheville than that! Oh, and you want to set it adjacent to the rich Autumn colors of Western North Carolina?…yeah, we can do that too.