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Home Projects You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself

Home repair projects can boost your property’s value or help you sell your house faster, or they can give you the rooms you’ve always wanted. There are so many DIY projects you can try, many with detailed tutorials online, but there are just as many tasks you should leave to a professional. Not only are some home projects dangerous, but they can also become pretty costly if mistakes are made. Here are four projects you should never try to complete yourself.

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Flooring Work

Hardwood floors add a lot to a home; not only are they considered more aesthetically pleasing by home buyers, but they can also add value to your property and can help ensure a quick sale when you’re ready to put it on the market down the road. The higher the finish on your floors, the better they’ll look, but it’s best to leave this job to a pro if they have some damage. Find out whether your floors need to be refinished or recoated. Refinishing involves sanding down the wood, while recoating simply involves coating them with a protective finish. According to Thumbtack, the average cost for having floors refinished ranges from $1,294 to $1,875.

Tree Pruning and Tree Removal 

Pruning and removing trees can be dangerous work if you don’t have the proper equipment and know-how. Carefully research reputable professionals online and make sure to look over reviews and ratings from past customers. The cost of removing a tree will depend on the size of the tree, whether the tree has already fallen, and where you’re located. When choosing which company to work with, always ask for referrals from satisfied customers and get an estimate up front.

Major Plumbing Issues

While there are some basic plumbing problems that can be fixed by the average homeowner, it’s important to know when to call in a pro. Leaks can lead to all kinds of problems, including mold and structural issues. These can be costly to fix on their own, apart from the actual cost of the repair. The average cost of small jobs, such as unclogging a drain, can run from $125 to $350, while larger tasks range from $500 to $800 and up. It may be tempting to do it yourself and save some money, but in the long run, you’re much better off calling in some help.

Roofing Problems

Replacing one missing shingle is easy enough, but when it comes to addressing leaks, large-scale replacements, or other common issues, it’s best to hire a roofing contractor with experience. Leaks — no matter how big or small — can lead to structural damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair, as well as damage to the interior of your home that requires repainting or even replacing drywall, furniture, or appliances. If you suspect a leak, have your roof inspected by a qualified contractor who can give you a price quote and a timeline for repairs, keeping in mind that minor repairs typically run between $150 and $400, while bigger jobs usually fall in the $1,000 to $3,000 range. Total roof replacements may cost $10,000 or more, depending on where you live, but homeowner’s insurance will often help cover the cost.

Natural Gas Issues

If your home uses natural gas, it’s essential to call in a professional to help with any issues. For instance, if you have a faulty gas stove that won’t ignite correctly, or if you need to move a gas appliance out of a space (or replace one), call a professional so you can prevent fire and carbon monoxide hazards. According to the CDC, carbon monoxide is odorless, and if you breathe it in, it can make you pass out or kill you. Always make sure you have a working carbon monoxide alarm in any space where a gas appliance is located. Keep in mind that in many states, there are laws against performing DIY repairs or installing gas-operated appliances.

Tackling home repair projects can be tricky; with so many DIY tutorials out there, many homeowners feel comfortable with trying to take care of things themselves. However, there are some projects that simply aren’t safe to DIY, and in many cases, these are the ones that will be the most costly if you try to do them on your own. By hiring a professional, you can get the job done right without worrying about the safety of yourself and your family.

Guest Blog by Katie Conroy of Advice Mine