Adding a second living space to your home and property can do more than generate rental income. You may also increase your home’s total value. Although the official name for a separate space is Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, they have other nicknames such as garage apartments, carriage houses or secondary suites.

While an ADU can be rented out, it can also serve as accommodation for an aging parent or relative. You can opt to keep it vacant for weekend guests or use it as an office, workshop, or studio.

Here are some common examples of urban and suburban ADUs:

A studio apartment, aka “bedsitter”, over a detached garage
A suite located above a home’s main floor
A converted basement with separate entrance
A 100% detached structure, such as a backyard cottage
Before you begin planning an ADU, you’ll need to check your local government’s website for a link to zoning codes to your area, or contact your local municipal planning or building code office.

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