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How to Pick the Right Roost
for Your Golden Years

Choosing a place to settle in for your senior years is challenging. There are several factors to consider, but thankfully, there are some really good solutions for older adults. Read on for what to think about as you decide where to roost for your golden years.

When left with an empty nest that’s more than they need, many seniors elect to downsize. There are some obvious benefits to be had. As Discover points out, a well-thought-out transition can be a big money saver, particularly in terms of property taxes, insurance, and utilities.

Take the time to survey average home prices where you live so you can get a rough idea of what your home might sell for, thus helping you plan for the affordability of a new place. In Asheville, for example, homes sold on average for around $337,000. Your home could fetch more or less depending on size, where you live and whether it needs updating.

It’s also important to remember that there are costs involved with moving and furnishing a new abode as well. In fact, an average move within your state will run you about $2,300, while an out-of-state move averages about $4,300. It’s important to compare the cost of living where you are now with your destination. Even within a short distance, there are surprising differences.

Clean Out Your Coop

Along with a smaller home, many seniors need to do some decluttering. If you’re in that boat, there are plenty of things you can do with the goodies that you won’t be taking with you to the next home. One suggestion is to sell some things. As Apartment Therapy notes, you’re in a perfect position to try on new home decor, so declutter as much as you can! Besides, the money you make from selling stuff could come in handy for the movers.

Allow ample time and enjoy the process. If you have some things you aren’t sure you want or need, you can stash them in storage while you mull it over. While storage isn’t cheap in Asheville, there are places that offer deals when you sign-up, so do some research. Take some measurements of your bigger pieces to help you decide how much space you need, then go from there.

Tweak the Space

With your home in good shape, start thinking about your next place. For most residential homes, comfortably aging in place requires some home modifications. The general idea is to create an environment that will promote independence and safety, regardless of what occurs as you grow older. Many modifications are quite simple, such as improving lighting, exchanging door knobs for lever-grip handles, and installing hinges that boost elbow room at doorways.

If you’re on the fence about whether to make changes to your current home, or downsizing and doing it at the new place, keep in mind that overall home design also can help or hinder senior independence. Ideally, you want a home with an open floor plan so it’s easy to navigate.

Consider a Community

Depending on your circumstances, an assisted living community could be your best choice. Seniors who are at risk of becoming isolated can benefit from the social connection. What’s more, if you struggle with basic daily tasks, such as hygiene, feeding yourself, or getting in and out of bed, there is staff there to lend a hand. Communities also provide things like workout facilities, group outings, and transportation. For many older adults, it’s a chance to continue living an independent lifestyle with the support they require to stay connected and on the go.

The cost of assisted living varies in accordance with where you live and what facility you select. In 2017, studies indicate the average person paid $45,000 annually for an assisted living community. So, it’s a good idea to visit facilities to see if you like them before you commit to one.

“Once you find that perfect place, consider using a professional property caretaker to watch your home when you’re away or assists in managing all the day-to-day aspects for you. Roost Home Watch is nationally accredited & certified, locally owned based in Asheville serving Buncombe, Haywood & Henderson counties.” – .