Using my talents to help others 

Coming from a background in design, I️ knew from the beginning I️ had a special niche in real estate. I️ have always enjoyed and had a knack for spatial placement and highest and best use of space. Many times I️ show houses that are either vacant or cluttered. Both of these circumstances have been proven to potentially deter showings, prolong days on market, and decrease purchase price.

First, let’s understand why. 

When walking into a vacant home, one will focus on all of the flaws in the home. The buyer will have a harder time picturing how they will set up the rooms and the house generally has a “cold” feeling. It is less likely to appeal to the buyer’s emotions.

When walking into a highly cluttered home, one may become overwhelmed and distracted by the seller’s things. They may have a hard time identifying with the home and seeing themselves living in it. The buyer may also question the seller’s motivation or ability to get out and everything moved away. If closets are stuffed full, it gives the message that the house is lacking in space and storage.

Whether you are selling a vacant or occupied home, you need a real estate professional who is well versed with marketing and design to help you achieve your goals and earn the highest and best return on your investment.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The work you and I️ both put in on the front end really does make all the difference. You deserve the best representation in this market. Preparing the home properly will increase your chances of a quick and easy sell and give you the upper hand in negotiations.

Feedback from a recent client: “Thank you for the great job you’ve done, Alley, selling the condo at a great price because you got the place looking just right to capture the moment.” – Laurel 

It’s not about getting the listing. It’s about meeting the client, listening to and understanding their needs, and helping them achieve their goals.

I️ want to help take the Asheville real estate market to the next level. I️ want to help push the envelope, increasing standards and expectations. I️ want to help you sell your home throughout Buncombe County – I serve Asheville, Weaverville, Woodfin, Swannanoa, Black Mountain, Arden, Fletcher, Candler, and surrounding areas.