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Preparing Your Home for Professional Photography.


Properly preparing your home for professional photography is super important. You get one chance to make a first impression, so do the extra work to ensure you get the right buyer for your home. Who is the right buyer? The one who is going to pay top dollar! Below we have listed a few suggestions for you to help you get the best results.

General Tips
◽ Clean all surfaces and windows. Dust, and vacuum.
◽ All light bulbs in a room should be the same type of light bulbs (LEDs, halogen, incandescent, etc).
Ensure that all lights have working bulbs.
◽ Turn all ceiling fans, computers, and TVs OFF. Turn all lights ON.
◽ Secure valuables, firearms, checkbooks, monies.
◽ Remove/store all children’s toys, stuffed animals, trophies, etc.
◽ Remove all personal items throughout the house, including photos, certificates, diplomas, trophies,
etc. Get ready to move – start packing!
◽ Remove all holiday decorations. They quickly make photographs look dated.

◽ Remove cars from the driveway and front of the home.
◽ Remove visible water hoses, bicycles, toys, sports equipment, etc. Clean up pet waste.
◽ Remove trash cans.
◽ Clean and tidy up yard, porch(es), deck(s), etc.

Kitchen/Dining Room
◽ Clear all countertops of clutter. Examples: paper towel holder, sponge, soap, kitchen towels, knick-knacks, baking items, spices, mail, cutting boards, electronics.
◽ Remove everything from refrigerator doors and sides (magnets, photos, notes, etc.)
◽ Hide trash cans.
◽ Clear table, and dust/polish tabletop.
◽ Feature one centerpiece on the dining room table. Nothing too busy.
Living/Family Room
◽ Remove all magazines and newspapers, mail, personal items, remote controls.
◽ If you have a fireplace, declutter mantle and remove all personal photos.
◽ Fluff and arrange pillows on furniture.

Master Bedroom
◽ Make your bed. Use your best linens and pillows. No wrinkles!
◽ Clear nightstands of all personal items, clocks, cell phones, chargers, cables, remote controls, etc.
◽ Remove all clutter from tops of dressers.
◽ Remove all personal/family photos!
◽ Clean under your bed and remove anything that might show in your photos.
Other Bedrooms (kids, guest, office)
◽ Remove personalized name decals, stickers, and posters from walls.
◽ Pack up toys and stuffed animals (get ready to move!)
◽ Remove personal photos.
◽ Remove papers, bills, books, magazines, paper shredder, from office and dust electronics.

◽ Clean the bathroom thoroughly, including shower and tub.
◽ Clear vanity/countertop completely. No personal items, such as hygiene products, medications,
soap, deodorant, makeup, grooming items, etc.
◽ Put toilet seats and lids down.
◽ Remove everything from the shower/tub.
◽ Remove rugs, floor mats, and trash containers.
◽ Secure all prescription medications.
◽ Hang one set of fresh, clean towels on the towel rack.
◽ Replace the shower curtain if necessary.

◽ Remove all pet items: crates, beds, bowls, leashes, toys, litter boxes, etc.
◽ Use lint roller to remove hair and fur from fabric surfaces.
◽ Secure pets (both cats and dogs) during the photoshoot. They inevitably get in photos, cause
reshoots, and slow down the photographer. Please, do not allow your pets to wander loose (inside
or outside) during the photoshoot.


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