Why Asheville? I hear this question all the time. After living in Asheville for almost 7 years, I cannot compare it to anywhere else I’ve ever been. This place is simply magical. I would like to share with you some of my favorite things about living here in hopes that you will fall in love with Asheville too just like I did.

I grew up in the city of Charlotte, NC, a sprawling city of never-ending traffic, commerce and development.  When I initially came to Asheville, I was culture shocked and wasn’t sure where I had landed. Over the past several years, I have been introduced to some of the most extraordinary people and have learned so much outside of the realm of which I was raised. Being a local to Asheville means so much more than a change of address. I have gained awareness for the environment and a love for the outdoors and nature like never before. I have learned how to grow my own garden, make my own deodorant and skin care, apply and diffuse Essential Oils, and oh, I can buy a candle that is also body lotion handcrafted by Kasey at Element Tree Essentials!  I have expanded my culinary palette, tasted ice cream made with unusually delicious flavors such as beet and jalapeno. I have hiked mountains, swam in water holes, stood under waterfalls, bouldered huge rocks, scrambled up the side of a mountain, mountain biked through valleys, danced to drums and paddle boarded down rivers.

Our family has yearly Biltmore Estate passes. We go there for free concerts all summer long, a petting farm, horseback riding, bicycle trails, and excellent food.

We also love to take walks on trails alongside the river at Warren Wilson, a small private college near Swannanoa. We spend a lot of time having picnics and riding bikes at Carrier Park, as well as the other amazing parks around town. The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful scenic walk that is flat and easy, for those who are looking for something less challenging. Bent creek is an amazing spot for trail running and or mountain biking. They also have a cool swim area in the lake.

Still asking “Why Asheville”?

Asheville is flooded with kind and loving small business owners, perhaps one of the staples of our quaint little mountain mecca, and one of my favorite departures from every other city, USA. For instance, we love Carl and Judy in West Asheville. They have their own juice stand in the West Village Market. There’s a huge variety of very cool coffee shops such as, BattleCats, Izzy’s Coffee, Odds Café, and High Five Coffee Bar. You will eventually make friends with the owners.

Need a different kind of workout? Tired of the same old same at your local gym? Looking to feel apart of something bigger than yourself, a healthy fitness foundation? We are proud to be part of the Crossfit Pisgah community.

Still asking “Why Asheville?!?”

How about some of the best food?! Some of the best breakfast spots in the world such as, Early Girl Eatery, Sunny Point CaféSunday Brunch at Stony Knob Cafe, Biscuit Head, and Over Easy Café. Restaurant options are overwhelmingly out of this world, from Korean House, Ambrosia, The Bull and Beggar, Plant, Nine Mile, White Duck Taco, to Chai Pani, you will never be disappointed.

Need to get out into the great outdoors? Max Patch, Linville Falls, Mount Pisgah, Mount Mitchell, Craggy Gardens. Check out Explore Asheville for details and directions to these hikes and more! Great entertainment? The Grey Eagle or The Orange Peel have you covered. Thirsty? Head over to some of the (many) microbreweries such as Wicked Weed or Catawba Brewing in the new South Slope District. That sweet tooth bothering you again? Dip on by the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, The Hop, or Vortex Doughnuts, all of which will leave you amazed and satisfied.

This is only the beginning of the list! The options and opportunities here are endless. So when your friends ask you “why Asheville?” I hope that you appreciate and respect Asheville as much as we do, and help to nurture the culture here, which is truly unique and always attractive.