The Best Weekend in Asheville


Asheville is a great weekend destination. It’s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life for someone to go and relax, yet contains enough art, culture, and nature to interest anyone. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway, or to settle down for something a little longer.

Like any great city, there are several aspects that work together to make Asheville an attractive destination. Food, fun, and more nature than you could explore in a lifetime are just a few of the great things it offers. We go over the big ones here, but there are a ton of little quirks that you just have to find out for yourself.

Get Outdoors

Located at the foot of North Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is surrounded by the type of stunning nature you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The Pigsah National Forest, for instance, is one of the oldest national parks in America, and one of the largest. It has some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and fishing spots in the state. It’s a perfect place to scratch that outdoor itch, and a great place to introduce kids to the great outdoors.

This is a great selling point for any outdoorsman, or anyone looking to get more in touch with nature. For a more cultivated experience, you might explore the North Carolina Arboretum. With a whopping 434 acres of space, it is one of the largest collections of gardens you’ll find anywhere. It’s a great place for families to sit, play, and enjoy nature without having to worry about coming across any wild animals. It’s a special part of this beautiful town and just another part of Asheville that makes it so special.

Grab Some Brews

For those driven by their tastebuds, Asheville offers an eclectic collection of outstanding breweries. Great for a guy’s weekend or just a fun night out. The Asheville Brewing Company is a gold standard, with delicious brews and a unique, retro, sci-fi feel. It’s a great place for an enjoyable time with that little extra kick of nostalgia.


However, there’s a ton more. Wicked Weed‘s Funkatorium is one of the best places for people who really love the craft of brewing. For a more surreal, punk-rock experience, Burial Beer Company has the perfect taprooms. While if you want a more low-key, rustic experience, Green Man Brewery might be the place for you.

Try Something Different

There are a lot of things to do in Asheville that are just fun. Lazoom offers comedy tours that are just as famous for their hilarity as they are for the purple bus you’ll no doubt see zipping around the streets of Asheville. However, Lazoom isn’t the only tour company around. There are ghost tours and bus tours where you can learn all about the culture and history of the city.

Only a mile away from downtown, you can zip about the sky at the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park. This is a great place to go on an adventure, both for adults and kids. Climb on top of towering trees, or go flying down the zip line, this experience is some of the best fun you can have anywhere.

Back downtown there are festivals, concerts, and a drum circle you can join in on every Friday night (when it’s warm, at least.) In the spring, there are festivals on top of festivals, with tons of great stuff to do for any taste. Like the Treetops Adventure, many of these festivals are kid-friendly. Your child can explore culture and art in a safe environment that will put your mind at ease.


No matter your reason for coming to Asheville, you can always find something to do to keep you entertained. The small-town feel makes it a cozy, down-to-earth city full of people who epitomize the nature of southern hospitality. Meanwhile, the big-city development and growth make it one of the most interesting towns around. It’s an ideal place to work, live, and raise a family, or to just visit for a weekend. You’ll love Asheville, and you won’t want to miss a thing.


What are some of your favorite things to do in Asheville?